#ArtUp Your Business

*Art Up*

*Defined:* Purposely integrate art into process or activity that would not normally be associated with art.


  • Use art as a means of communication. Use a hands on approach to convey the message or objective.
  • Use art as a verb.  The process of creating is just as important as the physical artful outcome. The process of getting to the outcome is considered art
  • Create engaging art.  The act of engaging the public is art in of itself.  The process of creating and the act of engagement is public art in its truest form.


  • Helps define customer base.
  • Creates clarity is on both sides.  The public creates a connection to the company and vice versa.
  • Strengthens branding
  • Enables ability to see trends or place for future growth
  • Creates a sustainable promotion life cycle.  Better than word of mouth because it creates a sense of ownership not possible with simple marketing.
  • Can be used you promote, fundraise, and market
  • Fosters team work and ownership.
  • Very successful as starting point to build foundation for future ideas and visions.

Everyone and every business has something they want to say or sell.  A company may want us to drink their soda or by their insurance or an organization would like to encourage people to stop drinking and driving or stop smoking.  In business this is call promotion or marketing. We are surrounded by messages, literally when you think you hear it on radio and TV as well as see it on billboards and newspapers.

On a typical day you will see and experience close to 5,000 ads.  As a business you have to rise above the clutter and stand out, so the public can hear what you are saying.  When you ArtUP , your message becomes clear and resonates loudly.  You will make a lasting personnel connection with your current as well as future customers.


Artist Deborah Landry will lead this exciting presentation.

April 02, 2015 at 3pm - 4pm
Deborah Landry
Annemarie Marti Cobie Ball Deborah Landry

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