CoThrive is Growing

Just a few weeks after its "soft launch", CoThrive has received one-time financial gifts from several and has attracted four sustaining members. Many have gifted the project with offers of their time and talent, for which we are grateful! There are lots of connections being made and plenty of ideas flowing. 

Projects of the collaborative type are particularly rewarding, since that was a big part of the vision I had for this community when I first imagined it. We have among us artists, photographers, chefs, bloggers, farmers, graphic designers, healers, retirees, life coaches, job seekers, attorneys, pastoral counselors, a jewelry designer, a virtual assistant, authors, poets, and more.

Though we are represented more heavily in the Chicagoland/Northwest Indiana area right now, we have participation from Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, Indianapolis, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania as well. We welcome all -- because we are online, geography is not a barrier.

Look for upcoming posts featuring member stories of innovation, collaboration, connection and more.

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