CoThrive Was Born This Week...Mostly

An online audience gathered for my live brand birthing experience last week, possibly the first event of its kind... I'm not sure. 

This approach might not work for everyone, but I found it beneficial in many ways.

  1. Accountability. It forced me to commit to action steps I would complete, every day.
  2. Insights. I received valuable, just-in-time input as I made critical decisions about the brand.
  3. Valuable input. At the end, I felt like the attendees were co-creators, more like family than "participants".
  4. Challenge. I'm okay with not being perfect, but some parts were a little messy. Knowing that people were watching and offering me great feedback gave me the incentive to stay up late, get up early and use a little more-than-usual elbow grease to implement suggestions and pull things together.
  5. Joy. It made me very happy to share my creation with others, much more so than if I would have remained under wraps until it was "ready". When will anything ever be ready?

I'm adding video of my day-by-day brand birth here if you'd like to take a look.

After a long day of labor yesterday, it's time to rest today.



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