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What does it cost?

The rate for founding members is an affordable $30/month or $300/year if you'd like to save a little money by pre-paying.*

We want to be inclusive and find a way for anyone who wants to be a member to be involved. If you are unemployed, unable to work due to a disability, retired but looking for ways to remain engaged, a caregiver or have some other circumstances that prevent you from being able to afford the monthly fee, please tell us a bit about yourself using this form. We believe there needs to be an energy exchange, but it doesn't have to be cash 100% of the time. After all, that's the main reason we launched the timebank!

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*Special rate available for a limited time. Members who join at this level will enjoy this rate for the duration of their continuous membership. Members are free to end their membership at any time; however if they rejoin, they will be subject to the prevailing rate.


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