How to join the time bank

How to Join

  1. Send your payment.

    A $25 annual donation for individuals or $40 for a 2-adult household is suggested. A reduced, need-based donation of $15 is available, no questions asked. You can mail donations c/o Kathy Sipple, PO Box 50, Valparaiso, IN 46384-0050. Make checks out to CoThrive Timebank and please indicate Timebank donation in the comment section. You can also donate via Paypal if you prefer to donate online. (Online payment is appreciated -- it saves us a trip to the post office and the bank, helpful since we have no paid staff.)

    FYI: approximately $15 of each member's annual donation goes toward volunteer insurance, our largest expense. All other expenses such as web hosting, name tags, potluck meal expenses, booth fees, etc. come from remaining donations. If you are able to donate more than the recommended amount, it is much appreciated. We are currently not a 501(c)3, therefore your donation is not tax deductible.

    If you would like to join as an organization rather than as an individual or a household, please contact us to discuss your needs. It is possible for organizations to join; at this early stage of our timebank's development, we want to try to ensure expectations will be in alignment with the services members will be able to provide. 

  2. Fill out an application (online).

    Our time bank tracks service exchange hours through Time & Talents software, hosted on Existing members can go to that website and use the "Log in" button to access their account. New members need to join first; please use this link:  Be sure to supply the (2) references requested, along with complete contact information; we won't be able to activate your membership until references are contacted.
  3. Be patient...

    We have no paid staff at this point, we are completely member-run. We will need to process your application and contact the references you supply on your application. We do so to ensure that the trust we have worked hard to create will continue as new members join us. 

  4. Attend an orientation

    Various members offer 1:1 orientations to new members or if your join date coincides with a live event we are hosting, you can attend in person or online. During your orientation, you will be asked to agree to the code and the terms of service as well as get some basics on the platform. 

  5. Dive in!

    Once your membership is activated, make sure to complete your profile, including a bio and a recent photo. Also, don't be shy about listing a few services you'd like to offer other members. Take a look at other members' listings to get an idea of what you'd like to say. Attending our periodic potluck dinners and other events is a great way to get to know other members better and get the most out of your membership. We also have a Facebook group that serves as a forum for members to get to know one another better and ask questions, especially helpful for those who are not local to Northwest Indiana.

  6. Become a Leader

    The timebank is member-run. That means we need talented people to help keep improving the way things are run. All work done to support the timebank is eligible for time credit -- you earn hours just the same as you would for helping another member. We need help in the following areas: event coordination, "food fairies" (bringing food to meetings), new member welcome and orientation, website administration, community liaison, fund raising, financial management, etc. If you have a skill you think would help the timebank and it's not listed here, let us know! 

    We host a weekly innovation phone call at 7am CST each Thursday; find out more at

cabin.jpgCoThrive Time Bank launched in early 2017, and as of this update we are nearly 100 members strong. Most of our members live in Northwest Indiana / Michiana -- from Hammond to Crown Point to Knox to South Bend. A few members with ties to the area or ties to members in the time bank live outside that service area. These members usually either travel to Northwest Indiana occasionally or else have services they can render virtually that are of benefit to members who live locally. 

The services offered are as diverse as our members themselves and change as members join and/or list new skills and services they'd like to share. Some of the most popular services offered have been:

  • Sailboat rides on Lake Michigan
  • Wild edible hikes with certified mushroom experts
  • Meal preparation & grocery shopping
  • Web design
  • Life coaching
  • sailboat.jpgEditing services
  • Ride sharing
  • Home / cabin stays
  • Yard and household assistance
  • Photography lessons
  • Body work (Reiki, massage, Qi Gong, etc.)

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