CoThrive Founder | CEO (Chief Enlightenment Officer) | Social Media Strategist

I founded it, it's my baby! The idea of CoThrive has been in my mind in one form or another for close to 25 years. I'm so happy to finally see it become a reality.

I enjoy co-creating with innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, authors, healers, and other trail blazers. I have always wanted to live "in" an intentional community, i.e. cohousing. That wasn't in the cards for me, but in some ways, this is better! I get to spend time with people from all over the U.S. and even the world. We are not limited by geography or by finances. There is no cost to participate in many of CoThrive's programs, though supporting members do enjoy some additional valuable benefits.

I also own a business, My Social Media Coach, where I offer individualized social media coaching and strategy.

In addition, I host an environmental podcast called 219 GreenConnect where we explore topics about the environment and green living in Northwest Indiana, where I call home.

I also blog about topics of personal interest -- usually creativity, metaphysics, relationships and such over on my personal blog,

Spiritual Economist ~ Podcast Host ~ Social Media DNA Developer ~ Reiki Master ~ Dunes Hiker ~ Mensan ~ Worm Farmer ~ Explorer of Rabbit Holes
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