Who are CoThrive members?

CoThrive members are some of the most innovative and interesting people around. They're creative, caring, resourceful, smart and committed to one another's success. They're often small business owners or solopreneurs who need to take care of nearly all aspects of their business, including online marketing tasks like social media, blogging, email campaigns and sometimes website maintenance as well. Though business owners from all sectors are welcome, we seem to be heavy on healers, artists, coaches, writers and people involved with local food systems.  

Though we don't often get to meet up in person since we are located far and wide, we come together online for live, interactive work sessions and training. Our virtual meet ups are different, depending on who shows up and the purpose of the meeting, but it's always thought provoking, inspirational and productive. 

What are the benefits of membership?

The list is growing as our numbers grow and members suggest new ideas about what they'd like. Currently, these are the primary benefits:

  • Access to technical support and encouragement for online marketing tasks. (Virtual office hours are hosted weekly.)
  • Access to a members only video training library. 
  • Free or discounted rates on attendance for special events.
  • Discounted rates on private coaching and strategic development from award-winning social media coach and strategist, Kathy Sipple. (Regular rates are $125/hour; CoThrive members save 50%).
  • Support from a caring community of co-collaborators. This is probably the biggest thing... We're putting the social back in social media. It's great to be able to write a blog post or send a tweet and experience the instant gratification of a like, share or retweet from another member. Birds of a feather flock together, right? Oftentimes, other members know potential clients interested in other members service or products.
  • Promotion to the general public. Member businesses are featured on the CoThrive podcast, blog and social media pages, keeping you visible to a new crowd.
  • Promotion to other members. You can try out a new product or service within the community to get feedback before launching to the public. Or, offer a special members only rate to other members. We have designated days throughout the month where we commit to help posting one another's offerings online.
  • Networking opportunities with some of the best minds out there. It's like a virtual chamber of commerce where you can attend online, make valuable connections and never have to leave your desk.
  • Give and get referrals for services. We have an "I need" list where you can list services you need help with. You can also list your skills in the "I can" directory. The "I can directory" is publicly accessible so can become a lead generation tool for you.
  • Influence how the community is shaped by making suggestions or volunteering to help with creating a new program or feature. Request future training topics.
  • Accountability, support and confidence to help you grow your business.

What does it cost?

The rate for founding members is an affordable $30/month or $300/year if you'd like to save a little money by pre-paying.*

We want to be inclusive and find a way for anyone who wants to be a member to be involved. If you are unemployed, unable to work due to a disability, retired but looking for ways to remain engaged, a caregiver or have some other circumstances that prevent you from being able to afford the monthly fee, please tell us a bit about yourself using this form. We believe there needs to be an energy exchange, but it doesn't have to be cash 100% of the time. 

Ready to join? 

Join us and get started this week!


*Special rate available for a limited time. Members who join at this level will enjoy this rate for the duration of their continuous membership. Members are free to end their membership at any time; however if they rejoin, they will be subject to the prevailing rate.


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