Mighty Mirth Collaborative CoThrive Project

I have been offering free webinars each morning since mid-January. This week attendees finally asked for a break! They said they were still absorbing the information from past webinars and needed time to work on projects instead. In response, we set aside some virtual coworking time where members could come together to share projects they are working on and ask for feedback.

Sustaining member, Annemarie Marti, arrived with a special project to share -- her Mighty Mirth cartoon character showed up with a CoThrive theme. It was beautiful as it was, but lots of fun as other members on the call, Joe and Nancy Legner (my parents!) in this case, offered insights and ideas for Annemarie to try. 

Using GoToMeeting, I was able to give Annemarie control of the desktop being shown and she showed the changes she was making to her art in real time using Adobe Photoshop. I think this would make a great member welcome gift, maybe as a decal or a tote... What do you think? Which design do you like best? Do you have feedback for Annemarie?

This is the original image Annemarie brought to the session.



This is the image we ended up with, after group input:





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