Naturally Innovative Event on January 28th

1-14-2017_8-24-16_AM.pngKathy Sipple, Founder of the CoThrive Timebank, invites you to celebrate the successes of 2016 and to envision what a better Northwest Indiana would look like if we fueled some innovative projects with timebanking.

For full event details and to RSVP, click here.

IMPORTANT: Please RSVP to this invite and you will also need to fill out this form for the Dunes Learning Center to pre-register. Thanks.

Just a few highlights from 2016:

  • Recognition from the Society of Innovators and local media
  • Training with Linda Hogan from hOurworld at Taltree for the leadership team
  • Participation at Earth Day and The Big Sell
  • Collaboration with several local restaurants to provide locally foraged foods
  • Rainbow Sunday, a colorful alternative to Black Friday shopping featuring local artists and makers
  • A workshop series on topics such as vermicomposting and natural health

Is there a project you would love to lead "if you could afford it" or "if you had support"? What's holding you back? While timebanking isn't a panacea for every roadblock, in our short history, I have seen innovation unleased and resources shared in new and exciting ways and I know we can do more of it if we come together in a spirit of creativity and cooperation. This session will be designed to let participants network and form breakout sessions around topics of interest.

The Dunes Learning Center is making their space available to us through a timebank trade so there is no charge to attend, though donations are certainly welcome and non-members are encouraged to become members (donation of $25/year for an individual or $40/year for a family).

Maximum capacity for Cowles Lodge is 65. I'd love to see it filled! Please RSVP only if you are serious about attending. Also, you will need to fill out this form, required by DLC, in order to attend. Please do so in advance. Thanks.

Light breakfast snacks, coffee and tea will be served. Feel free to bring an item for yourself or to share, though please note that DLC is a nut-free facility so do not bring any food items containing nuts.

If there is interest, I'd love to continue the discussion and fellowship with a hike and/or lunch at a nearby restaurant afterwards...

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