It's Pollinator Week! What Your Business Can Learn from Bees.

Pollinate_Your_Business.pngDid you know that June 15-21, 2015 is Pollinator Week? Only 10% of plants get pollinated by waiting for the wind or water to bring them opportunity to fruit. The rest get assistance from winged creatures like birds, bees and butterflies.

Will you wait for business opportunities to float your way? Or are you willing to get as busy as a bee and help make cross pollination happen?

From Wikipedia:

Cross-pollination, also called allogamy, occurs only when pollen is delivered to a flower from a different plant. Plants adapted to outcross or cross-pollinate often have taller stamens than carpels or use other mechanisms to better ensure the spread of pollen to other plants' flowers.

CoThrive models itself after our winged friends and the flowers they help. Members help bring opportunities to other members by sharing information and connections and making referrals. You can only grow so high with self-pollination! Join us for exciting cross pollination opportunities.

Members, check the schedule for upcoming virtual coworking events where we'll get very focused on specific actions you can take to help both yourselves as well as other members.

Not a member yet? You can try us out for 30 days to see if CoThrive is right for you.

Thanks to CoThrive member Deborah Landry for donating her beautiful images of pollinators! Please like and share to help CoThrive grow.


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